A satirical article by a Hookah Pen employee

In a little over a year, few trends have captured the attention and wallets of young adults as strongly as hookah pens. In realizing this opportunity, entrepreneurial youth who are 18 years of age and older are learning some real world business skills. Below we have laid out the thoughts that go through the mind of young individuals who aim to capitalize on this opportunity to make a few extra dollars.

Where is the Opportunity?

Realizing the spike in demand for e-Hookahs along with seeing the limited locations to purchase the items is where the idea first enters a Hookah Pen Dealer’s mind. Next up is the interview phase, time to talk to friends and acquaintances to see if they’re seeking e-Hookahs. As is typical the response is a resounding yes and voiced frustration for the acquisition of the smoking devices. The light bulb is now glowing in the future problem solvers mind. Now, onto where to acquire the product in a large enough quantity to return added income and satisfy the overwhelming demand from this individual’s network.


How to Purchase Quality Affordable Pens?

One of the most frustrating phases of the process for the person looking to resell the products. After countless trips to convenience stores and head shops to discover that their product offerings are weak. They either don’t have a strong selection of top performing hookah pens, the price is too high to resell at a reasonable rate or the quantity offered is not enough to suffice demand. After realizing that their need would likely not be met from a physical store they tend to turn to their smartphone or computer for assistance. One of the most popular online spaces for this market is found right Here. The dealer is now overwhelmingly satisfied with items to offer and able to sell them at a solid price point to generate a little extra income while attending college. The time has come for the individual to find a way to effectively resell the pens and receive a return on their investment.

Ways to Begin Distribution?

After the research and interview process the dealer now has a nice idea of prospects to target with his recently acquired products. The research isn’t over quite yet as the individual has an idea of what they would like to charge for the items, but they can’t be positive until they run the price by a couple of individuals who have already shown interest. Now that the price has been nailed down, the dealer can begin business by generating strong word of mouth through their first couple of customers. The word of mouth can be stoked to expand to the dealer’s online network. Using networks such as Twitter, Vine and Instagram the entrepreneur has successfully set his foot into the real world of business.

How to Learn and Improve the Service?

To better serve future customers it is important to get feedback from the first wave of customers on the pens and flavors. Once this has been completed, the next time a large quantity of items is purchased it will be done in a way more receptive to the customer desires.

Many Forex and Stock Companies Buy YouTube Views When They’re Confident

youtubeIt can be a challenge for some to figure out if some particular types of Forex and stock advice and various different trading companies can be easy to trust in. This is especially because many of these companies might have different positions in certain Forex pairs, stock options and other common types of investments.

However, many of these places will buy YouTube views to talk about their solutions and options for their online business plans. These places will do this in cases where they feel that they have options and investment solutions that might prove to be more viable than some others. It is an interesting aspect of promoting a business but it is one that may be viable to some that want to showcase whatever it is they have a desire to highlight to others.

What Comes With Viability

Trading companies that buy these video views often do so as a means of telling people about trends that they feel are worth watching or what they need to avoid. They often talk about this information by referring not only to specific investments but also with evidence and proof suggesting that something is worth getting into or avoiding.

These videos may prove to be important and can help businesses to highlight their services to others. Much of this comes from how people can market their videos based on such things as highlighting their trade facilitation services. This is often done to help those people see that a particular business is worthwhile. They will buy YouTube views from an amazing service provider like http://www.viewsaccelerator.com in order to get more people to learn about the positions that they want their clients to get into.

What About New Services?

Many of these companies may also be confident in some of the services that they have to offer in order to make themselves more money. These include such services as specific trading newsletters that offer information on new positions or services where an agency can automatically place trades and sell items for a client based on the recommendations that are being offered.

Some businesses may buy YouTube views to promote the different types of services that they want to offer. If they can buy these views and get their videos up to where they will be easier to find in a YouTube search then they will be more successful with regards to promoting what they have to offer.

They Also Buy Views for Educational Purposes

Finally, some of these services will buy these views as a means of educating people who want to learn more about working with investment options. These include videos where people can learn more about how different investment solutions work and how they can benefit off of such functions as trading options, finding forex pairs and even working with a particular service for trading.

Naturally, many of these forex place post these videos as a means of getting people to discover different services and what they can mean to them. This is done in order to try and get more customers over time. This is an interesting tactic but it is one that may work well with regards to getting people to discover just what it is that can make certain services worthwhile and appealing for all to get into.

Plans to buy YouTube views may be useful for those who want to find ways to make their investment services more appealing to others. This could prove to be essential to those who really want to stand out in this particular field. It is only sensible that people would take a look at plans for buying videos in order to get the most out of their marketing plans and to potentially make more money in the overall process from possible new customers.

Reputation Management for Your Online Business

Have you ever told a friend or colleague about an online business that they can trust? If so, then that online business has done a great job of managing its reputation. Sometimes reputation management is applied when a scandal or controversy hits a business. Other times it is used to increase sales, web traffic or search rankings. There is little doubt that the management of your business’s online reputation, is an especially important part of your long-term success. However, online reputation management is about much more than simply getting good user reviews. It involves active participation within your community, as well as good relationships with loyal clients.

Why is Reputation Management Important?

There are professionals out there who offer online reputation management services, but there is no reason why you can’t take some of those same steps yourself. Why pay someone for a service that you can implement for free? If you plan to pay for online business support, your money might be better spent with SEO services. For example, part of online business reputation management is the establishment of legitimacy. Legitimacy can be achieved if you offer goods or services which are popular. You must also offer them at a competitive price, while offering something that your competitors do not offer. This allows you to gain a following of clients who see that you are willing to put the customer first.

You have probably visited product review forums before making a major purchase. While you were scanning the reviews, you probably read a healthy mix of both positive, and negative comments. The bugs need to be cleaned up and removed from where you sleep. Customer service is one of the most common complaints that these review websites see, regardless of the business involved. Make it a practice of reading not only your own website’s reviews, but the reviews of others. This allows you to gain a better understanding of what those websites are doing to positively manage their online business reputations. Clients and customers want to feel important, so your business should make an effort to provide a swift response to questions.

Social media is arguably the single-most important factor to online business reputation management. More people use social media than ever before to connect with others. They are also increasingly using it to gain information about the products they are interested in. As a result, it pays to create a webpage which is dedicated to your online business. This is the reason why more Facebook pages for businesses are springing up each day. These pages provide a way for clients to make public comments about what you provide. They also allow you to address disgruntled clients in a public forum. The way in which you respond to complaints goes a long way in establishing a good online business reputation.

Reputation management involves a number of key factors, but the central idea behind keeping your business legitimate is communication. A lack of communication or miscommunication leads to immediate problems. Make sure the accessibility of your website surpasses that of your competitors. People appreciate it when they get swift answers to important questions. While it might be impossible to please every single one of your customers, you can do enough to make sure that unhappy customers do not spread inaccurate information about your online business. this is why public responses to problems on Twitter and Facebook are effective. Much of online business reputation management is about gaining that free advertising, which ultimately results from people spreading the word about what you have to offer. Showing true compassion and concern for others goes a long way in establishing the credibility of your business.

How SEO Increases Online Web Traffic

seo-increase-search-trafficWeb traffic is one of the most important aspects of managing a successful online business. Many analysts feel that a sudden increase in web traffic can result in a 50% revenue increase for most businesses. Similarly, a decrease in web traffic can harm your online business as well as giving you and your visitors the cold shoulder. So, how do you make sure that your web traffic continues to increase? A great way to do this is to conduct search engine optimization procedures, or SEO. SEO is a critical aspect to online business management because it affects your websites ranking in Google search results. Google uses a system of algorithms to categorize and rank websites according to relevancy and popularity. The executives at Google understand that their search results are a direct reflection of the way they maintain their search engine.

Struggling online businesses often turn to SEO professionals for help. They perform a variety of tasks to help your business to garner more web traffic, while simultaneously moving up in search engine rankings. There are many different aspects to SEO work, but part of managing your online business is managing your website’s pages. Visitors do not want to see the notorious “Error 404” message when they open one of the webpages in your site. This shows a silent lack of attention to your site, and it is a bad online business management practice to keep inoperable webpages on your website. Conducting SEO work is critical to maintaining credibility with your visitors, and with Google.

Another way SEO work contributes to an increase in web traffic is through content analysis. Your website must contain informative and rich content. People who search for products and services are looking for information. A website which is full of fluff, and lacks real, usable information, is a website which does not succeed. Google rewards websites with a higher ranking if the webpages within those sites is unique. providing unique content for some products can be a challenge, however. Someone who owns a business selling socks really only has so much that he or she can say about socks. However, adding multimedia can help you in this situation.

The addition of multimedia increases web traffic significantly. Multimedia includes images, videos and audio. When you make these additions to your website, your making your website much more engaging. You end up providing a launching point for visitors to spread the word about what you have to offer. Videos and even some games enable you to connect with your website’s visitors in a new and fun way. Major search engines recognize multimedia-rich websites as well, and they place them higher on their search results rankings. This contributes to the overall legitimacy of your website.

SEO work can increase your web traffic through keyword optimization as well. Make sure that you do not confuse keyword optimization with keyword stuffing. Cheap and inexperienced SEO workers will often take a keyword and place it at random or unnaturally throughout your website and its pages. This is not only frowned upon, but it also contributes to lower search engine ranking. However, it is important to make sure that your keyword relates to the products or services you are selling. The keywords should be implemented seamlessly throughout the body of the text on your website. When keywords are used naturally, they can help you to achieve a significant increase in web traffic. Additionally, SEO allows you to establish back links with other websites. A good SEO professional knows how to make organic connections with other websites so that the management of your online business continues to run smoothly.

How Does Online Trading Work?

And How Can I Start an Online Trading at Home Business?

home online tradingIt used to be a fact that you had to live on Wall St. in NYC to buy, sell and trade stocks. Other types of trading used to require entrepreneurs to meet face-to-face with potential clients and trading partners. Online trading has become a major factor in today’s world of online business management. People make connections with one another through social media websites, online trading platforms and through other avenues. The key to successful online trading is to establish good relationships with potential trading partners. Building your online presence is a big part of the equation, as the more successful trades you make, the more successful and legitimate you appear to be to potential trading partners.

Online trading allows people to connect internationally. You do not have to own a private jet or travel long distances like that couple who started the rainbow loom bracelet business to close those major business deals anymore. Many people conduct trades and make important business decisions through conference calls. However, the successful management of your online business is dependent upon many factors. One of these factors involves deciding on which brokerage firm to trade with. There are many different brokers to choose from online, and some offer better pricing options, while others provide more user-friendly trading platforms. You must decide what it is you value most in a broker, and then choose one accordingly.

The beauty of online trading lies in the fact that it is quick. Eliminating paper-based official documents and signings makes the process much quicker for most traders. Once a trade has been finalized, it immediately becomes legitimate if all parties involved agree to the trade. The boom in online trading has allowed many brokerage firms to cut their own costs. This translates to lower commissions. As a result, managing your online business are cheaper than ever since service costs have become lower for clients. Many people have been taking advantage of recently lowered costs by trading options, stocks, bonds, currencies and futures.

Those who choose to participate in online trading must be aware of the constantly shifting pricing landscape of the profession. Stocks, for example, do not remain at a central price point for long periods of time. They change in price in real-time. This means that a stock can take a steep plunge, or rise quickly, depending on the current market culture. The overall economy is another key to buying and trading stocks online. Some people turn to web apps to help them stay up to date on the latest price swings. Make sure that you have a way to get the most current and accurate results when it comes to stocks. Doing so can protect you from losing money on your next investment.

The importance of a stock broker cannot be overstated when it comes to successful online trading practices. They play a role in selling and acquiring stocks for you, at the price that you set forth. Brokers are here to help you, and not to take your money. The broker you choose should be reputable, and the company should have a loyal following of traders. It is always a good idea to get recommendations from people who have made many successful transactions with a particular broker. Good stock brokers notify you immediately when changes occur, and they keep you best interests in mind first, instead of their own. Organization of lots, which refers to buying the same stock repeatedly, is something that brokers can handle for you as well. There are many factors involved with online trading, so it pays to become informed before you make any major business decision.

How To Trade Forex Online

online forex tradingForex is the short name for Foreign Exchange, and it involves trading currencies from different countries against one another in the hopes of seeing eventual profit. A prime example is someone buying a euro, which is European currency, while selling a U.S. dollar at the same time. Typically multiple euros or other forms of currency are purchased at once. This currency is then saved over time, in the hope that currency changes allow the trader to make a substantial gain. You need to make sure you study world currency trends before making an investment trade, however. Additionally, you should conduct thorough research on who the best forex trading brokers are online.

One of the most common ways to trade forex online is through a broker. There are many great brokers to choose from online, but there are also fraudulent choices. You need to make sure that you exercise due diligence during the selection process. This will eliminate any problems relating to your forex trades. Once you decide that you need the services of a broker, you need to do your research to eliminate poor choices like when I was a little kid outside Boston at the dentist. Find out whether or not a potential broker is registered with any regulating authorities. It is always a good practice to check to see if a U.S.-based broker is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission before you settle on a choice.

Foreign currency exchange can be highly profitable if you pay attention to trends. A prime example is the U.S. dollar. The U.S. dollar has recently gone down in value, whereas the euro has increased in value. Many people who participated in forex trades for euros are experiencing some substantial financial gains. Sometimes a rather modest investment can turn into a highly profitable one. The only way you can ensure that your forex trades are good ones, is to follow trends and consult with active forex traders. This enables you to gain valuable insight into the industry as well. The idea is to exercise caution when you first start out in forex trades. Invest small, with an intent on seeing a sizable return on your investment. If you do make a bad trade, you will not lose as much money.

Many broker websites offer something called demo accounts. Demo accounts are excellent choices for newbie forex traders. They allow you to begin trading, risk-free. These demo accounts are important because they can show you what works and doesn’t work in the industry. Since you are not using real money on a demo account, your financial loss is minimized. A demo account can be a great way to learn how forex trading works, but they often lack the same atmosphere as live trading accounts. Demo trading platforms are similar to the live versions, but they can sometimes experience instability or down time.

Demo accounts are a great way to get your strategy ready. They offer you the chance to make mistakes without losing money. However, even when you have a good strategy ready, it is always wise to trade small. Work your way upward slowly as you get the hang of what it takes to be successful in the forex trading industry. There is a fair amount of faulty information out there, so protect yourself from scam brokers by joining a forex trading community. The best way to get great information is to consult with a veteran trader, who can offer unbiased, independent reviews and experiences. Forex communities involve chat forums, help centers and other areas in which you can get reliable information. Take the time to learn from others in the industry, and you could be on your way to a successful career in forex trading.

Using Social Media for Your Online Business

social media for businessIt’s no secret that social media has become one of the most important aspects of the daily lives of people all over the world. It allows us to connect with family and friends, while sharing valuable experiences with others as well. However, online business savvy individuals have come to understand the impact that social media has on making money. Due to the fact that so many people log-in to their social media accounts every day, it stands to reason that this would be a great platform for promoting a business. It is also a great platform for gaining information on stock markets as well.

Social media is an excellent platform for advertising your services whether you’re in an IT training job or simply a stay at home Mom. People who conduct successful online sales often use social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to reach more clientele. Advertising via social media is important, but it must be done with consideration. For example, you must know your target audience. If you sell products or services which target older people, then your Twitter advertising campaign should take steps to reach this demographic. The same can be said for younger generations. Advertising must be done tastefully, and not forcefully. Nobody wants to be force-fed advertisements while they are updating their status on Facebook.

The use of social media is also helpful when it comes to getting the word out there about promotions you might have. Sales and promotional giveaways are important aspects to any online business. However, how are they going to be effective if your customer base is unaware of them? Make sure that you set up a Facebook page which is dedicated to your online business. You can gain friends by providing great services. I was involved in an IT certification class in school once (http://100ktraining.com) and we learned about leveraging your personal networks. Your clients will then share your page with others who have similar interests. Paid advertising can become very expensive, so social media is an excellent alternative.

Some people believe that the use of social media to market goods and services is only possible with younger consumers. Yes, it is true that some major social media sites are predominantly inhabited by the world’s youth. However, other social media options are popular regardless of age. For example, instagram is widely considered to be more popular among the younger crowd, while Twitter is globally popular among many age demographics. Identifying your target audience, as mentioned before, is key in this situation. If your online business centers around stock exchange and trades, then you should consider Twitter to be your best option. Alternatively, if you sell a product or service which caters to a younger generation, then instagram, Facebook and others might be your ticket to success.

Twitter is perhaps the best social media option for people who manage an online business. It provides instantaneous access to many people. Tweets are limited to 140 characters, so you must be skilled in saying what you mean in a limited amount of space. Most people value Twitter because it is considered a great way to reach a mass audience very quickly. Again, free advertising is the best kind of advertising, which is another reason why Twitter is popular. You can also gain valuable information regarding virtual markets and stocks, by following major stock brokers. Doing this can save you time and money, and it allows you to connect with some of the best professionals in the industry. Think about the success you can have if you follow the right people. They just might begin to appreciate your online business management skills. Many successful partnerships begin in this way, so take the time to make those important connections, and you’ll begin to see your online business grow.